Potential for Blockbuster Storm


I am not sure I have ever issued a milk and bread JennCast before, but here it is. We are still a few days out, but I believe that the upcoming storm will be significant. TV meteorologists are often reluctant to issue a forecast for high snow amounts so don’t be surprised if they hold back.


I expect us to receive over a foot of snow. Right now, I have consistently seen a range of 12-16″ on the models, however tonight, there has been some divergence. One model showed a smaller 4-8″ type of storm, but it is an outlier among the models. Another model showed significantly more. Before I commit to more, I want to see it appear on another model run.

We should see light snow Sunday, growing heavier later in the day and continuing overnight. Snow will continue throughout the day, tapering off in the afternoon on Monday. Temperatures will be in the teens for most of the storm and drop blew zero later next week.

Overall, temperatures appear as though they will remain well below normal for much of March.

Try to look on the bright side, some meteorologists believe we should expect a cooler summer, too.


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