Very Ugly Weather Friday

Friday will bring us pretty much every type of precipitation we see here in Western PA – in one day. We will wake to rain on Friday morning before it turns to freezing rain and sleet around mid-day. I am very concerned about a flash freeze on Friday as cold temperatures invade the area and the changeover to snow occurs. After the change-over, we will see only snow, which will continue throughout the day on Saturday. Depending on when the change over occurs, we could see variable snow totals, even within areas just a few miles apart. In general, I expect about 1-3″ of snow, but 2-4″ is quite possible.

Sunday we continue to see some mixed precipitation but not a significant amount.

Monday is a warmer day, with temperatures moderating. I am expecting mostly rain on Monday before turning to snow. Snow amounts are still in question, but could total several inches. Wednesday and Thursday will be very cold, with temperatures likely to dip to the lower teens and possibly the single digits.


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