Monday Morning Storm Update

The truth about this storm is that there is a high degree of uncertainty. It is entirely possible that we receive 6″+ of snow and that is what I would prefer. However, there is also a distinct possibility of a fair amount of rain and ice mixing in Tuesday night, in which case we would receive closer to 2-5″ of snow. The weather models should improve later this afternoon and this evening as the storm is underway on the Southern Plains now. The NWS in Pittsburgh believes that Pittsburgh will receive mostly snow, with the rain and ice to the south and east of Pittsburgh.

The heavier precipitation is still expected to move into the area later Tuesday afternoon and continue overnight into Wednesday. Expect lighter, more periodic snow showers on Wednesday and Thursday.

Please be careful if you encounter ice. The only way to truly drive safely on ice is to pull over. 1-2 hours can seem like an eternity, especially with a screaming kid in the car, but it is better than injuring or killing yourself or someone else.


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