This Week and Beyond

We will see temperatures moderate to slightly above normal Thursday and Friday, but after the cold front passes on Saturday, it will remain below normal temperatures for the rest of the month. Temperatures will reach the mid to upper forties on Thursday and Friday before plummeting on Saturday. Sunday’s temperatures will mainly be in the 20’s. It will warm slightly, but remain below normal next Monday and Tuesday, ranging in the mid-thirties but that is the last chance you will see to break 35 degrees for the rest of the month if the weather models hold true to their current modeling. This will likely turn out to be one of the coldest Novembers I can recall. The Steeler game on Sunday in Cleveland will be in the mid 20’s, which should prove for some brutal conditions in the lakeside stadium.
There is the possibility of snow on the table. I believe lake effect snow will be possible from Saturday through the end of the month and I am monitoring the possibility of a storm early Thanksgiving week. I cannot recall a November with two measurable snows in the last 17 years, the entire time I have lived in Pittsburgh. This weather is more similar to what we saw in the 1970’s, which some meteorologists believe is where we are headed when you look at weather and solar cycles.

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