Sunday Evening Update

Just a quick update to outline the snow this week and to take a quick glance at the longer range weather.

Pittsburgh Metro Area: Generally 1-2″ of snow between tomorrow and Wednesday. the further east you go, with the exception of the Laurel Highlands, the less you should expect to see. Areas in the North hills could top 2″, but not by a lot.

Laurel Highlands: In general 2-4″, some areas might see slightly more.

NE OH/NW PA: In general 2-4″, with some of the usual hotspots seeing slightly higher amounts, but mostly 2-3″ accumulations.


The Rest of November

With the exception of next weekend, the rest of November will be slightly below normal. Next weekend, temperatures will be a little above normal, but not exactly a heat wave, either. Be alert around Thanksgiving, as early indications point to colder, stormier weather.

November should end with an overall result of slightly below normal temperatures. December should follow suit with slightly below normal temperatures and some snow. I am expecting our larger snowfall amounts to come in January and February, but that does not rule out the possibility of above normal snowfall in December.


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