We Interrupt This Fall Weather For…

Yesterday was warm enough to turn off the heat and crack a window. Truthfully, I often don’t closely track the weather when we are in these periods of transition and we only get the normal sun and rain. However, something caught my eye and I thought I would give you advanced notice. The balmy fall weather we have recently enjoyed might come to a halt next week when a cold air mass moves in, bringing our first threat of snow for the 2013-2014 winter season. The weather models are consistently showing a storm sweeping through the East, though they vary on where the snow will accumulate. I am still somewhat skeptical that it will materialize, but the models have been persistent. Right now, I feel the most likely scenario for us is coating to an inch. The strongest threat lies east of the Appalachians. The higher elevations in the Laurel Highlands will receive significantly more. The exact timing has yet to be nailed down, but I am looking at the Wednesday to Thursday time frame.

If the threat continues, I will update this weekend. If the threat diminishes or calls for only a coating to an inch of snow, I will not provide any further updates. If this news stresses you out, don’t worry. This weather will not last long, right now, and you will see more warm days before winter settles in for the long haul.


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