The Rest of October

The cold that has brought blizzards to the upper western plain states and Rocky Mountain regions will move to the central plains and then push east as we move towards the second half of October. Temperatures will feel more seasonal, and we might even see weather cold enough for flurries or even a little snow. Friday night football games will be a little colder starting this weekend and I expect them to remain cold throughout the rest of the season.


As we say, “Goodbye” to fall and greet winter, things are starting to look better for  cold, snowy winter. The fall foliage has been very weak this year in WV and Western PA. Reports also indicate that the fall foliage in Rocky Mountain National Park and in the Boulder, CO area have also been poor, due to the weather. I was a little spoiled to see the early snow in Wyoming and it only has me more primed for a healthy winter in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the daily snowstorms kept the peaks of the Grand Tetons hidden from view and I saw little in the way of sunrises or sunsets while I was out west.





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