A Look at the Long Range

My devoted snow removal friends taking a break

My devoted snow removal friends taking a break

It pains me to say it, but our beautiful snow cover is all going to melt next week. But, take heart, I have a sneaking suspicion we will forget the warmth of next week by the end of January.

Temperatures have already begun to return to more seasonable weather. It will be warmer tomorrow and Saturday but the real warmth will start to move in late Sunday into Monday. The second week of January will bring temperatures mostly in the upper 30’s and low 40’s next week, but as we head into the weekend it is possible that temps could climb into the high 50’s with one model showing temperatures in the low 60’s! I find that completely depressing.

But, wait! There is good news. Next weekend (Jan 11-13) should be the high-water mark for warmth for January. By late next week, the coldest arctic air of the winter should spread from the Northern Rocky Mountain region all off the way down the mountain chain, then to the plains and finally back into the east. There are some indicators already showing that after the cold returns it could be another stormy pattern in store for us.

If you are a skier, I would plan for a late January or early February get-away. It looks like next weekend (Jan 11-13) is the time to get outside and take down those Christmas decorations!


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