Leading Up to Christmas

The cold is coming, but delayed by a few days. The system coming through today and tomorrow will, in all likelihood be all rain.  The temperatures will cool down after most of the rain has passed but then relax for Wed-Thur. lows will be in the mid 30’s and highs in the mid 40’s.

Thursday afternoon expect rain and crashing temperatures. Thursday night be aware that as the temperatures crash roads and bridges could freeze. The rain will turn to snow over night and accumulation is expected. There is still a degree of uncertainty regarding how much precipitation we can expect but my early thoughts are that we receive somewhere in the 1-3″ range. However, instead of the relaxing temperatures we have been seeing, the cold digs in through Christmas. Lake effect snow is possible over the weekend. There is a parade of storms lining up on the models after Christmas through New Year. This pattern change, though delayed, is a welcome change.


So, will we have a white Christmas? I think so. My confidence level for a white Christmas is about 70%.


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