Metetorologist Storms Twitter

  1. Weatherbell meteorologist, Joe Bastardi, took on Piers Morgan and Bill Nye the Science Guy via Twitter during Nye’s appearance on the Piers Morgan show on CNN tonight. Bastardi is a vocal anti-global warming guy who has appeared regularly on Fox News and Fox Business channels.
  2. Hey Piers Morgan, its 60 in Dc, but 7 times more land mass in northern hem is below normal than above
    get a clue
  3. Attention Bill Nye, Do you know how much of the n Hemisphere is suffering from one of the coldest starts to December?
  4. BigJoeBastardi
    How do you get on and say what your do with global temps having leveled off and arctic air controlling 75% of N hemisphere
    land masses
  5. So are is Bill Nye lying or denying what is plain to see. L temp vs models, right temp vs co2. How do u ignore this?
  6. BigJoeBastardi
    This scam amazes me. Co2 is 1/400 th of GHG,the prime one is water vapor.Oceans: 1000 times heat capacity air How do u even argue co2 cause
  7. Cornell ( Nye alma mater) . I guess one would have to answer the models are right and co2 in control on admittance exam
  8. BigJoeBastardi
    Previous tweet in Sarcasm. Of course Nye would not answer it that way if admittance to Cornell was on the line. No sane person would
  9. @NoelSheppard @TheScienceGuy @piersmorgan . Do they even look at the weather elsewhere? euro asia cold far outdoes us
  10. BigJoeBastardi
    @NoelSheppard @TheScienceGuy @piersmorgan
    heh Noel @RyanMaue had some great observations too
    Piers did a good Candy Crowley,eh
  11. BigJoeBastardi
    BTW Piers, a great news story would be the severe cold europe, asia nw America, far larger area. And next week covering winter in plains
  12. @TheScienceGuy @piersmorgan perhaps u should tell the Chinese, given their weather, to quit building coal plants
  13. @TheScienceGuy @piersmorgan folks heres what they didnt show you and will dive down plains next week.
  14. BigJoeBastardi
    Good job Marc Morano in a 2 on one where u could not confront Nye with actual facts people can see. my tweets…
  15. BigJoeBastardi
    Its stunning how they know they can use local weather and ignore the globe, and then say its global. Given severe cold elsewhere, is lying
  16. Bastardi and Nye debated in 2010 on Fox’s Bill O’Reilly Show
  17. Recently, Bastardi invited a firestorm or controvery when he criticized former Vice-President AL Gore’s linkage of Hirricane Sandy to global warming, “That’s stunningly ignornant, or stunningly deceptive, what Al Gore said…”

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