The Cold is Coming


Most of us in Western PA have enjoyed relatively nice weather this week with warmer temperatures and even some sun. This should last through Black Friday, but late in the day on Friday, a cold system comes through. There will be Lake Effect Snow behind it, but mostly in the Erie area. I do not expect much precipitation from this event, however Lake Effect Snow can be unpredictable and sneaky, so don’t let it catch you unprepared.

We are, however, looking at a very real possibility of our first snow storm of the year some time mid-to late next week. There are lots of indicators that this could be a first event with some punch. I don’t have amounts yet, but I think 3″ could be a rather conservative first guess.

I have every expectation that December will be well above average in terms of snowfall and probably a couple degrees below average in temperature.

Averages and Records

Average total monthly snowfall for November is 2″ and for December it is 8.3″. We stand a great chance of beating records the average in both months. Beating the most snow for those months is a more formidable challenge. I think it is not likely for November, as the current record is 32.3″  from 1950 but I don’t entirely rule it out for December, where the current record is 36.3″, dating back to 1890.


2 thoughts on “The Cold is Coming

  1. Jenn,
    I usually don’t enjoy your forcasts as much as I enjoy your photography. Fab picture of Pittsburgh, I am assuming that was Light up Night. We didn’t go this year as I whimped out on standing on the bridge in the cold. Glad you have those “love the cold” genes and were able to capture the fireworks. As for the cold and snow………well it may be a good year for skiing. Happy Thanksgiving.

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