Winter Outlook

I don’t anticipate anything to crazy in the general W PA, WV, or Finger Lakes region through Thanksgiving. If plans include the East coast for Thanksgiving week, please be aware that coastal flooding could once again occur as a Nor’Easter stays off  shore but its winds drive wave over defenseless beaches where sea barriers have been washed away.

Buddy Checking Out the Snow

Buddy in the Snow on Feb 6th, 2010

After Thanksgiving, it appears as though conditions will be ripe for a period of cold and early December could be stormy, as well. Most weather forecasters were counting on an El Nino weather pattern this year, but the El Nino never arrived and in its place  a La Nada weather pattern emerged. Forecasters are blaming Hurricane Sandy and the recent Nor’Easter on La Nada as La Nada patterns are stormy and notoriously difficult to forecast.

The weather set-up we are facing are very similar to the winter of 2009-2010. In case you forgot, December, 19, 2009, we awoke to snow that totalled over 6″ in the Pittsburgh metro area and then a cold January with lake effect snow nearly everyday. After a 1 day warm-up the east coast found itself digging out from the Weatherman’s Day blizzard, dumping 2′ of snow in Pittsburgh. This was followed a few other storms which made February 2010 the snowiest month on record for Pittsburgh and left 2009-2010 the third snowiest winter in Pittsburgh history. I am not saying we will have a repeat, though I wish it were so, but I do think we will see above our average 42″ of snow in the region for the winter.


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