Nor’Easter Shifts East, Change in Snow

I don’t have time for a map today, but I wanted to get a quick update out. The models have major last minute shift eastward. The snow threat has therefore shifted and amounts will be less. Sadly, the I-95 areas hit badly by Hurricane Sandy will see high winds, coastal flooding, and snow. Many of these areas were reporting record low temperatures this morning, and still over a million without power. Sandy left most coastal communities without sand dunes and other barriers that protects them from the sea. Keep these folks in your prayers as this storm, though not another hurricane will be strong enough to leave those affected feeling seriously discouraged. There has been no mention of staging of additional federal resources, but there should be a plan in place to keep these people warm, safe, while not having to worry about looters destroying and stealing their property.

I visited Cleveland last weekend and saw piles and piles of tree limbs waiting by curbs. The waves on Lake Erie garnered a lot of attention, but to residents wind damage and flooding was the bigger story. They received a much harsher version of Sandy than we did. A fair amount of people were still without power and I could hear a steady hum of generators and chainsaws while there. 

I am keeping an eye on a system that will bring storms to the plains this weekend to see if there will be an impact on us, locally.  Today, enjoy a sunny election day. We haven’t seen the a sunny day in close to 2 weeks!


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