The Erie Beach Might be a Better Choice

If you are craving a beach vacation next week, the Erie beach might be a better choice. Tropical Storm Isaac was named today and is expected to hit the Bahamas and Lesser Antilles before affecting the United States. It is a little way out yet, but I wanted to give a warning to followers who might have vacation along the Georgia, Carolina, or VA coastline early to mid next week. there is a chance that the storm could jet west and hit Florida before rolling into the Gulf of Mexico, but the models point to a track that brings the storm along the East Coast. Moral of the story: pay attention to the weather if you are heading Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, the Outerbanks, or Virginia Beach next week.
For political junkies who might be concerned about what Isaac might do to the GOP convention in Tampa: I wouldn’t be too worried. As a political junkie, myself, I anticipate that the storm will stay far enough away so that it will have minimal impact on the convention. If you are curious, the Democratic convention will be held in Charlotte in September.

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