White Christmas?

The last JennCast was off by about 30-60 miles for Pittsburgh last week. I was pretty sad to look at the radar and see the snow line so close to us. It is going to be a tough winter with a lot of close calls for us.

Short Term

We will see mostly seasonal temperatures for the next five days with the possibility of an inch of snow over the weekend.

White Christmas?

We will have precipitation next week, and it is likely to be in the form of snow, but I think that snow will likely melt before Christmas. A system will move across the region Christmas Eve. The challenge will be determining where the rain/snow cut-off line is. Right now models are showing that cut-off line will be well to our north. I am afraid that right now i can only give us a 40% chance of a white Christmas. Another system is also showing around New Year, but it is too far off to offer anything concrete. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because I have had to enter intense therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder due to the lack of snow. Fear not, though, mid-to late January promises to bring us our first real shot at extended cold weather.



2 thoughts on “White Christmas?

  1. You had me scared for a minute Jenn with the “SAD” therapy. I like a white Christmas, but no snow is better for travelers. Am hoping to go skiing on the 28th so perhaps you could send a little snow to the mountains on the 27th. Have a great Christmas wherever you travel.

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