Snow Update

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

Folks in West Virginia and Maryland should prepare for snow and people in Pittsburgh should be aware of the possibility. Those in Garrett, Preston,  and Tucker counties are already under a winter storm watch from the NWS for Wednesday. The winter storm watch indicates that the NWS believes that  6″ of snow within 12 hours or 8″ of snow in 24 hours is possible for those areas. I expect everyone from Morgantown east to receive at least 2-4″ of snow and those amounts will b e above 6″ in the higher elevations.

For SW PA, the models are still shifting. I do not anticipate heavy accumulation, but I do think we will have at least an inch. If the models continue to shift, I will issue an update tonight. Those further north and to the west of the city will receive lower amounts from this particular storm and precipitation will be out of the area by Thursday.

As I alluded to yesterday, the pattern shift has begun and we will see more frequent snow through Christmas. Also, thanks to anticipated circulation moving over Lake Erie from Canada, I am anticipating Lake Effect Snow this weekend. thanks to a warm November, Lake Effect snow could play a huge role for us this month.



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