A Little Snow Tomorrow, A Lot More Next Week

Late Fall

Late Fall in Pennsylvania

Short Range

Rain should turn to light snow overnight tonight with very little accumulation, ending sometime before lunch. Temperatures will remain colder than the balmy weather we have seen as of late. With highs in the 30’s and 40’s for the next week. There is a chance of the treat of mixed precipitation on Thursday, but at the moment, I do not consider it a large threat.

Lake Effect Snow Next Week

Next week in the Tue-Wed time-frame I am watching for the possibility of a significant lake effect snow event. The warm weather leaves the Great Lakes wide open for an event as much colder air is driven into the region around mid-week. All indications are pointing to the overall weather pattern turning colder and snowier. Joe Bastardi of Weatherbell was very bold in his comments about the lake effect snow outbreak next week. I am cautiously optimistic.

All this snow should help get us in the Christmas spirit!

JennCast Note:

As a side note, this year’s La Nina is likely to cause a lot of problems for meteorologists and weather fanatics.  There is widespread disagreement about the winter forecast this year and as a result, we are likely to see a lot of bad forecasts. This should be a warning to be be prepared for bad weather at anty time this winter, despite the forecast. I am heavily leaning on the wisdom of professionals like Joe Bastardi of Weatherbell and the Accuweather staff to inform my JennCasts this winter because the weather models are not accurately understanding the La Nina this year.


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