Cold for Pittsburgh, More Flooding in the East


Expect a cold wet week with rain turning to snow mid-week. I think the timing will be a strong storm on Wednesday and the change over to snow will likely occur Wednesday evening. I think it is possible that those of us in the low-lands see up to an inch of accumulation and those in the higher elevations could see up to 3″ of snow.

Tropical Storm to Cause Problems

The wildcard in the forecast is the currently unnamed tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico. This system will travel up the coast  and likely move even in more inland once it moves up towards the Mid-Atlantic and should really be zeroing on the Susquehanna Valley when it reach  Pennsylvania, unfortunately. I think it is possible that this moisture will enhance the snowfall from the Laurel Highlands west to the PA border down the back side of the Appalachians to central West Virginia.

i drove through parts of central Pennsylvania this past weekend and saw streams that were swollen and running fast as well as areas of devastation from the September flooding. The ground is saturated in these areas and there is still standing water in fields along streams and the Susquehanna River.  I am not predicting the same level of flooding, but the threat for significant flooding is very real.

The map below outlines the areas to watch (give or take 50 miles):

More Flooding & Snow on the Horizon


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