I’m Back From Vacation and Looking At Snow Next Week!

Morning Light on Mt. Sneffels

Morning Light on Mt. Sneffels

Short Range

Gloomy, wet weather through Saturday, Sunday clear and warmer.

Next Week

Well, while you all had 2 weeks of rotten weather (as reported by my awesome 11-year-old dog sitter), I was enjoying mostly blue skies and fair weather out west. I returned just in time for a fair weather spell and it appears that brief spell is now over.

Last night, I took my first real look at the weather models for next week. I am seeing the possibility for snow, especially in the upper elevations in the period from Wed (10/19) – Thur (10/20). not ready to commit to a forecast yet since it is over a week away, but I think many places will see measurable snow.  If there is in fact going to be snow I will post a first forecast by Monday AM. I don’t think they will be canceling schools, but in the higher elevations I would not be surprised to see at least 3-6″ while we low land dwellers might get .5″ – 1.5″.

Long Range Implication

Don’t expect this early snow threat to be a fluke. I am also expecting a colder, snowier November and December this year.

By the way, I am still working on photos from my trip, but you can see the ones I have posted here.


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