Devastating Flooding For Some

Western PA will endure another couple of days of the same type of drab, wet weather before turning clearer and a bit warmer Tuesday through Thursday.


The area where I grew up has experienced flooding which the region has not seen the likes of since 1972, when the remnants of Hurricane Agnes tore through the area. Small towns that neighbored mine, like Owego, Nichols,  Candor, Tioga, and others nearby are still under water and shelters are overrun with evacuees. Roads and rail lines have been torn apart, utilities cut off, and businesses destroyed since last Wednesday when streams and the Susquehanna River all started to rise. Further down the Susquehanna in the nearby communities of Waverly, Sayre, Athens, and Towanada residents are also in desperate shape. unprecedented evacuations continued down into the Pennsylvania communities of Wilkes Barre, Bloomsburg, and even iconic Hershey Park found itself submerged from the deluge. In most cases, flooding came close to the levels of Agnes and in a couple of cases exceeded it, but it will nonetheless prove costly.

This has all hit very close to home for me. Thankfully, none of my family has been flooded, but my nephew did miss the first two days of school and had his football game postponed until next week. Sadly, the school of their opponent from last week was under water this week. I did learn that some of  my classmates sustained significant damage to their homes, businesses, and cars. A close friend from college in Bloomsburg was spared as her home sits on a tiny hill in the middle of the flood plain, but her fiance was not so fortunate.

The town of Owego, where my dad worked for 32 years, seems to be among the hardest hit. Their schools, where I played at many all-County band concerts, were submerged and it appeared as though a majority of the homes and businesses within the town were as well.


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