A Thorough Drenching


Courtesy of HPC

The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee are pounding the Eastern U.S. and residents along the Appalachians will feel Lee’s wrath when as much as 5-10″ of rain fall through mid-week. Based on the HPC’s precipitation outlook, most areas can expect 4-7″ of rain over the next 5 days while there will be localized areas of 5-10″. needless to say, flooding is going to be a major issue.  Temperatures will feel like fall is setting in, remaining mainly in the 60’s.

Watkins Glen Entrance Falls

Water roared through the gorge on Labor Day at Watkins Glen State Park, in New York.


Katia and Friends

Although East coast residents are fixated on the danger of approaching Hurricane Katia, the overall pattern indicates that East coast and Gulf coast residents can expect a rocky period throughout the remainder of September. As of now, it appears that Katia poses the greatest risk to North Carolina, but the entire East coast should remain alert.


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