A Fantastic Week

Milky Way in the night sky

Cool evenings and clear skies favor stargazing this week.

Friends in Western PA will enjoy near perfect late summer weather this week with highs in the low 80’s and lows in the low 60’s.  If you are going to a Pirate or high school football game this week take a jacket because the evenings are starting to have a bit of a chill. Clear skies make for good stargazing and there are some meteor shower remnants from the Persids still visible.

More Hurricanes Likely

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a system (Lee*) that could bring trouble late this weekend into early next week in the western Gulf of Mexico. Behind it is a storm with stronger potential (Katia) that looks like it may follow a similar path as Irene up the East Coast. The storm that will ber named Katia, should be a threat to the East Coast the week after Labor Day.

Widespread Flooding

You don’t have to travel to far north or east to run into flooding problems created in the wake of Irene’s heavy rainfall. Areas of upstate NY and Vermont are experiencing record flooding in some areas and this deluge is expected to make its way south in the coming days, which could bring trouble for Eastern PA, especially those along the Susquehanna Valley.


*Correction: Edited Jose to Lee


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