A Beafutiful Weekend for Us, Ugly for the Coast

Sunrise in Pittsburgh

Local Weather

After the storms cruise through this aM, we can expect near perfect weather through the weekend with highs in the low 80’s and clear air.

Irene Comes to Town

The storms rolling through Pennsylvania today will further saturate an already wet ground in Eastern PA and NJ, making the impact of Irene even worse as conditions are prime for historical flooding. Some of the latest model runs have Irene making less impact at the Outer Banks and making more of a direct hit around the Philthadelphia and NY metro areas. I cannot stress enough how dangerous this scenario is. The millions of people affected would be unlike anything we have ever seen before. In New York City, flooding of subways and tunnels is likely. The cooler waters of the Mid-Atlantic should slow further growth, but the storm will be stronger if not weakened by a harder hit on the Carolina coast.


A couple of aftershocks have hit both Colorado and Virginia since the bigger quakes two days ago. Last night, a 4.5 quake was registered in Virginia. also, a 6.0 quake rocked Peru yesterday. More cracks were discovered on the Washington Monument yesterday from the initial quake.


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