Good Night, Irene and the Great East Coast Quake of 2011

It’s a busy weather week, so I will try to always put the essential local stuff right at the top so that you can skip the rest if you desire.

Local Weather

Expect highs in the mid-80’s and lows in the low to mid 60’s over the next several days. I do not think there is any real threat for severe weather, but i am keeping an eye on Thursday.

Good Night, Irene!

Irene is moving more slowly than originally thought. Timing and strength may be adjusted in the next day or two. The National Hurricane Center’s new rating system undervalues the intensity if the hurricanes with deep low pressure. Irene has strengthened to a 969mb pressure, which under the old Saffir-Simpson Scale would have been a category 3 hurricane. Under the new system it is a 1. that is a pretty big difference that could impact lives, unfortunately.

The storm could bring above 7″ of rain everywhere within a 100 mile radius of the I-95 corridor. Expect intense, and likely record flooding in those areas.  Western PA should expect unpleasant, but not destructive weather from the storm.

HPC 5 day QPF

Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Buildings as far away as Cleveland were reporting evacuations after today’s great quake. My brother in Ithaca, NY reported that his large truck was rocking back and forth as he waited at a stop light. I didn’t feel the quake but it seems that most in the Pittsburgh area did feel the quake. Notably, Colorado also had to 2 earthquakes exceeding 5.0 today in unusual seismic activity. The sun is currently at the grand solar maximum level and can be linked to both the earthquakes and Aurora Borealis sightings of recent. This max will peak next year before entering an era of decreased solar activity.


The top part of the Washington Monument was cracked today in the quake and officials declared the monument closed indefinitely.


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